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Dj Dibba started Djing in 2012. At the beginning he started as a Funk/Breaks and Hip Hop music dj, playing in a lot of national dancing battles and hip hop events. In 2015 he had his first approach with Reggae movement that gave him a new lifeblood and motivation. He begins to get deepen that world, starting to play in a lot of Dancehall. He created is own style, who has no boundaries of genre (from roots to funk, hip hop, bass music, jungle and D’n’b) that brought him to play as open act of several artists such as Chinese Man, Radikal Guru, Panda Dub, Foreign Beggars and many others and in festivals like “Ginnika” “Bababoom Festival” and “Boom Reggae festival”.

He is member of roman label “Do Your Thang Records” in wich he is part of the artistic production, live as a performer and in the studio.
He is also member of “Miscela Rara Family”and the artistic collective “Astarbene”



Astarbene mixtape 2:

Chinese Man Opening set @ Villa Ada (Roma):

New generation comin’ Mixtape:

Lovers and Fuckers Mixtape:



4.02 is Astarbene 3rd B BASH – DJ DIBBA Mixtape Release Party​

4.02 is Astarbene 3rd B BASH – DJ DIBBA Mixtape Release Partyft. Do Your Thang & Pakkia Crew 🎉🎉Dj Dibba te lo dice forte e chiaro 👊Event ON AIR on👉👉 fb page Astarbene – The Reggae Radio Show

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Ho trovato questo assolo di tromba tra i dischi ed è uscita questa idea 😄Solitamente le visualizazzioni dei video sono di 3 sec e senza audio,chi arriva a 1 minuto trova la sorpresa del video e riceve un premio <3.#djdibba #scratching #nativeinstruments #maschine #traktordj #traktorz2 #massive #fingerdrumming #looping #trumpet #music #production #hiphop #drumnbass #dnb #machinemk3

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Level up!Sto lavorando duro per ampliare i miei show! Non so ne dove ne come ma qualcosa prenderà forma.#djdibba #scratch #maschine #nativeinstruments #traktor #traktordj #djpov #studio #music #sampling #reggae #hiphop #raggahiphop

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